Our Grand Total is $135,398

The total is comprised of donations from
Members cash, program credits, or both
The Larry Gibson Estate Foundation matching donation of $35,000
Members & Community Members
• during Facebook Live Concerts
• providing items for our Seasonal Market
• in lieu of an online purchase
• Indigo Fundraiser

We humbly acknowledge and are grateful for the generosity of our members, the people of Kingston, and local businesses and organizations who have demonstrated that they recognize and value the work of the Association – Enhancing the quality of life for seniors throughout our community.


Thank You!


Message from the Executive Director

This year was challenging for all charities and not-for-profit organizations. The Seniors Association was able to survive better than most. Because the Association had a successful year and Campaign in 2019, we had the resources to weather the storm. Thanks to a record-breaking 2020 Annual Campaign, we have replenished our resources.

Perhaps the greatest take-away of this campaign is that, in their generosity, our members, the people of Kingston, local businesses and organizations have demonstrated that they recognize and value the work of the Association – Enhancing the quality of life for
seniors throughout our community. We humbly acknowledge and are grateful for their faith and trust in us.

A new year seems to bring out the need to make resolutions: learning a new skill, finding an undiscovered talent, or finishing an uncompleted project. All good intentions, but many studies indicate we don’t always stick with the “plan” of that self improvement journey. I can attest to that as I reflect on my own behaviour. We mean well but our renewed vigour fades before our project is complete.

Let 2021 be the year that you challenge yourself to learn something new. How better to do that than by signing up for a course with the Association. In any given session, we offer well over 150 programs. They will lead you down the garden path of enjoyment, fun, conversation, learning, and yes, even self-improvement. I think 2020 pushed us to the limits of our endurance, and 2021, with the promise of a vaccine on the horizon, brings much welcomed optimism.

Join a program in the safe, friendly environment of The Seniors Centre or at any of our satellite locations. We have numerous instructors who thoroughly enjoy teaching and, simply put, they’re really good at what they do. My goal this year is to also sign up for a program and learn a new skill. You may find me in one of your classes – I’ll be the one wearing the mask! See you at The Centre.

Don Amos
Executive Director

Message from the President

The 2020 annual campaign, Help Keep Us Strong, was a success beyond our expectations. Every dollar raised goes directly to the Association. It is never easy to fundraise even when your organization plays such a vital role in many people’s lives. We know that this past year the challenges were even greater as many worthy organizations were asking for your support, some of us found ourselves having to help family members and close friends, and almost all of us found we had fewer funds than in the past. On behalf of the Seniors Association and as your President, I want to thank everyone who made a donation, regardless of its size.

Mark Rosenberg