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Later Life Learning Series D

Friday, February 23, 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Event Details

Later Life Learning Series D

Event, Service

Friday, February 23, 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

56 Francis St, Kingston, ON K7M 1L7



Series D February 23 to March 15

Artful Healing The Transformative Power of the Arts

Unlock the profound physical and mental advantages of the arts. Explore the therapeutic, creative, and transforma­tive potential of artistic expression for holistic well-being.

Later Life Learning offers the mature audience a public forum in which prominent speakers and experts discuss a variety of interesting topics, such as new technologies, health and life issues, the arts, and general interest.

Lectures consists of a 1-hour talk followed by a 15-minute coffee break and a 45-minute Question and Answer session.


February 23
Dance: A Shortcut to Happiness

Speaker: Carole Gibson, Dance & Fitness Instructor

March 1
Artful Practices for Wellness: What Can We Learn from the Domestic Arts?

Speaker: Rena Upitis, Professor Emerita of Arts Education, Queen's University

March 8
The Power of the Voice: Creating Inclusive Singing Spaces to Support Mental Health and Wellbeing

Speaker: Darrell Christie, Continuing Adjunct Lecturer, DAN School of Drama & Music, Queen's University

March 15
Visual Arts for Healing

Speaker: Aida Sulcs, Interdisciplinary Artist & Carolyn Ritchie, Registered Psychotherapist and Art Therapist

March 22
How Sharing Our Humanity Through Stories Can Help Us Be More Human

Speaker: Ned Dickens, Award-winning Canadian Playwright


$75/person (all welcome)

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