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Parkinson’s Dance
Airdate: Wednesday May 8
When it comes to living with Parkinson’s disease in the Kingston area, an increasing number of people are seeing hope. Some of them are even dancing.
Host: Elizabeth Macdonald
Guest: Amy Booth, Physiotherapist, parkinsonsdance.kingston@gmail.com

Parkinson's Dance

by Seniors Association | May 8, 2019


Queens Principal Heading into Retirement
Airdate: Wednesday May 1
A conversation with Dr Daniel Woolf, Principal and Vice Chancellor Queens University.
Host: Marion Evans
Guest: Dr Daniel Woolf, Richardson Hall, Queens University.

Queens Principal Heading into Retirement

by Seniors Association | May 1, 2019


Coming or Going: The Future of Bookstores
Airdate: Wednesday April 24
Book stores are either on the verge of extinction, or will be around for a long time. The Time of Your Life looks at the case of Novel Idea, an independent bookstore in downtown Kingston.
Host: Tara Morton
Guest: Oscar Malan, Novel Idea, 156 Princess Street, Kingston. 613-546-9799, novid@kingston.net

Coming or Going: The Future of Bookstores

by Seniors Association | Wednesday April 24 2019