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Diabetes Education – Wednesday February 22, 2017 (Original Airdate January 20, 2016)
Nancy Benn, diabetes educator at the Diabetes Education and Management Centre, talks about support for people living with prediabetes or diabetes. The Centre offers one-on-one or group consultations like: monitoring blood sugar levels; medications; healthy eating; exercise; other lifestyle choices.
Interviewer: Don Gallagher
Interviewee: Nancy Benn, Registered Nurse, Diabetes Education and Management Centre, Hotel Dieu Hospital: 613.544.3400, ext 3590

Diabetes Education

by Seniors Association | February 22, 2017



Going to the Dogs – Wednesday February 15, 2017
Joe Murray visits The Mutt Hutt Spaw & Pet Centre for a look at Kingston’s only self-serve pet wash. The Mutt Hutt is equipped with 4 self-serve pet wash rooms, a specialized pet boutique and a community room available for rent for animal related events including humane education workshops, pet bereavement support groups, film nights, reading circles for kids, guest speakers and animal charity events.
Interviewer – Joe Murray
Interviewee – Wendy Workman
The Mutt Hutt Spaw & Pet Centre Inc.
541 Days Rd, Unit 9, Kingston ON K7M 3R8
613.507.MUTT (6888)

Going to the Dogs

by Seniors Association | February 15 2017



Behind the Scenes in a Honey Bee Yard – Wednesday February 8, 2017
Bob Stevenson owner and operator of R.C. Stevenson & Father Honey, takes us behind the scenes of his honey yards. Join us as we find out how a single bee hive can produce more than 100 pounds of honey in a good season. One tiny worker honey bee contributes less than one teaspoon in its lifetime to the total production of the hive. The work of a beekeeper never ends as they are devoted to the well-being of their honey bees. Honey bee health is a growing concern around the globe and we need to better understand how to protect them.
Interviewer: Marion Evans
Interviewee: Bob Stevenson

R.C. Stevenson & Father Honey
481 Barnsley Cr
Kingston ON, K7M 8X2

Behind the Scenes in a Honey Bee Yard

by Seniors Association | February 8 2017