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Helping and Mobilizing Seniors – Wednesday February 21, 2018 (New)
With a provincial election coming up in just a few months, a Kingston man wants seniors to rally around his call for better treatment. Donnie Hogan thinks a lot of seniors aren’t getting the support they need from the government. A lot of it has to do with things that aren’t covered by OHIP. He is trying to organize a campaign whereby seniors flex their electoral muscles to force a change. Also, BBC reports on British seniors who are into their second century, and the U.K. government’s new Minister of Loneliness.

Interviewer: Ken Day
Guest: Don Hogan
Phone: 343.333.1656 or 343.333.6474

Helping and Mobilizing Seniors

by Seniors Association | February 21, 2018



Tom Thomson – Wednesday February 7, 2018 (New)
There’s a lot more to iconic Canadian artist Tom Thomson than his paintings. Angie Littlefield delves into the man who inspired the Group of Seven in her book Tom Thomson’s Fine Kettle of Friends: biography, history, art and food
Interviewer: Tara Morton
Guest: Angie Littlefield
Phone: 416-282-0646

Tom Thomson

by Seniors Association | February 7, 2018



Bring Back the Farm – Wednesday January 31, 2018 (New)
It has been several years since the Federal government closed the prison farm at Kingston’s Collins Bay Institution. The Time of Your Life’s Elizabeth MacDonald examines attempts to revive the farm, and how local supporters saved some of the dairy cow herd.
Interviewer: Elizabeth MacDonald
Guests: farmers, Jeff Peter & Dianne Dowling

Bring Back the Farm

by Seniors Association | January 31, 2018