April 2019 Vista on CD



Taking Care of your Affairs
Wednesday February 13
The process of estate planning and performing the duties of executor are becoming more complex. Kingston accountant Sandra Gibson can offer advice in both areas.
Host: Ken Day
Guest: Sandra Gibson, CPA, CGA
TurnerMoore LLP, Chartered Professional Accountants, Licensed Public Accountants
4 Cataraqui Street Kingston

Taking Care of your Affairs

by Seniors Association | February 13, 2019


Getting a Good Night’s Sleep
Wednesday February 6 – Original Airdate: February 1, 2017
Sleep apnea is a common disorder in which you briefly stop breathing. The most common type is obstructive sleep apnea. In this condition, the airway collapses or becomes blocked during sleep.
This week, Sleep specialist and Registered Respiratory therapist Seliina Coe, from Kingston Oxygen Home Health Care, discusses how apnea is diagnosed and treated.
Host: Lillian Dowling
Guest: Seliina Coe
Kingston Oxygen Home Health Care, 700 Progress Ave. Unit 1

Getting a Good Night's Sleep

by Seniors Association | Wednesday February 6 2019


Original Hockey Hall of Fame
Wednesday January 30
There’s a square puck, used in the first organized game in Kingston in 1886, Canada’s first Olympic hockey gold medal from 1924, and a salute to Kingston’s own Don Cherry. Those are just some of the highlights at the Original Hockey Hall of Fame.
Host: Tara Morton
Guest: Mark Potter, President Original Hockey Hall of Fame
Invista Centre, 1350 Gardiners Road, Second Floor
Open by donation Thursday to Sunday, noon to 6pm

Original Hockey Hall of Fame

by Seniors Association | January 30, 2019