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New Ways to Celebrate the Holidays – originally aired on December 12th, 2018)

Time of Your Life volunteers Carole Weir and Elizabeth Macdonald look at some of the events and community activities during the Christmas period.

New Ways to Celebrate the Holidays

by Seniors Assocfiation | December 12, 2018

Kingston Theatre Organ Society – (original air date – Wednesday November 28th, 2018)

Ken Day with President Roy Young about the Society’s 1928 Kimball Theatre
pipe organ installed at the Kingston Korean Church on Kirkpatrick Street.
Society vice president Jim Hopkins demonstrates the sound of the organ and how much time and effort goes into playing and maintaining the instrument.

Contact info – Kingston Theatre Organ Society –

Kingston Theatre Organ Society

by Seniors Association | November 28, 2018

Where Words Fail, Music Speaks – (original air-date Wednesday November 14th, 2018)

A profile of the conductor of the Kingston Symphony.
Host : Ken Day
Guest : Evan Mitchell.

Where words fail, music speaks

by Seniors Association | November 14, 2018

How We Vote (original air-date Wednesday Oct.10, 2018)

When Kingston residents go to the polls in this month’s municipal election, they’ll be asked to consider a new way of electing city council. Right now, it’s the traditional “first past the post” system where whoever gets the most votes wins, even if it is less than 50 per cent.
The October 22nd referendum asks voters if they are in favour of “ranked ballot voting” to elect the mayor and members of council.

Guest :Ted Hsu, former Member of Parliament for Kingston and the Islands
Host : Marion Evans

How We Vote - Ranked Ballot Voting

by Seniors Association | October 10, 2018



Seniors Association Fundraising (original air-date Wednesday Oct.17, 2018)

The 2018 fundraising goal for the Seniors Association Kingston Region is $100,000.

Guest : Alexis Dishaw, volunteer

Host : Elizabeth Macdonald

Seniors Association Fundraising

by Seniors Association | October 17, 2018



Wednesday Oct.24
Navigating the Local News (original air-date: Wednesday Oct.24)
A look at how local news outlets are coping with the new media era, including social networks, fake news and downsizing.
Guests : Hollie Pratt Campbell, digital editor, Metroland Media
Bill Hutchins, news anchor, CKWS TV
Host: Ken Day

Navigating the News

by Seniors Association | October 24, 2018