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Navigating the News – Wednesday August 1, 2018 (Original air date June 20)
Highlights from the Navigating the News series presented by the Time of Your Life at the Seniors Centre in May. This series looks at the changing landscape of news media, answering the whys and hows with the help of guest panelists.
Guests: Sally Barnes, Robert Fisher, Prof. David Lyon, Hollie Pratt Campbell & Bill Hutchins

Navigating the News

by Seniors Association | August 1, 2018



Financial Advice – Wednesday July 25, 2018 (Original Airdate: April 5, 2017)

Sometimes financial questions can be difficult. Carol Ann Budd of Investors Group on Gardiners Road in Kingston, explains some of the basics, including what to look for in a financial consultant.

Interviewer: Lillian Dowling

Interviewee: Carol Ann Budd, Financial Consultant

Investors Group, 1000 Gardiners Road #100, Kingston

Phone: 613-384-8973

Financial Advice

by Seniors Association | July 25, 2018



Discussing Funerals with Jason Smith – Wednesday July 18, 2018 (Original Airdate: April 26 2017)
Funeral rites are as old as human culture itself, pre-dating modern homo sapiens and dated to at least 300,000 years ago. This week, the Time of Your Life looks at a present-day small town funeral home in Odessa.

Interviewer: Lillian Dowling
Interviewee: Jason Smith, owner of Paul G Payne Funeral Home.
Address: 178 Main St. Odessa ON, K0H 2H0
Telephone: (613) 386-7373
Email: pgpaynefh@cogeco.ca

Discussing Funerals with Jason Smith

by Seniors Association | July 18, 2018