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Discussing Funerals with Jason Smith – Wednesday, April 26 2017 (New)
Funeral rites are as old as human culture itself, pre-dating modern homo sapiens and dated to at least 300,000 years ago. This week, the Time of Your Life looks at a present-day small town funeral home in Odessa.
Interviewer: Lillian Dowling
Interviewee: Jason Smith, owner of Paul G Payne Funeral Home.
Address: 178 Main St. Odessa ON, K0H 2H0
Telephone: (613) 386-7373

Discussing Funerals with Jason Smith

by Seniors Association | April 26, 2017



Legal Issues For Seniors – Wednesday April 19, 2017
Learn about Wills and some of the recent changes to Probate Law. Lawyer Barb Hulme visits the Seniors Centre on Francis Street two afternoons each month, usually the second and fourth Monday for a pro bono legal clinic.

Interviewer: Ken Day
Interviewee: Barbara J Hulme
Office: 275 Ontario Street Suite 201

Legal Issues For Seniors

by Seniors Association | April 19 2017



Kingston’s Town Crier – Wednesday April 12, 2017
Have you seen a man about Kingston in a flowing brilliant red cape dressed in an odd historical looking uniform with white tights and leprechaun looking shoes? That man is Chris Whyman, Kingston’s own Town Crier. Chris talks about the historical legacy of a town crier, his experiences as a crier over three decades and how he promotes Kingston worldwide and locally.
Interviewer: Marion Evans
Interviewee: Chris Whyman, Kingston’s Town Crier

Contact Information:
Phone: Kingston Visitors Centre, 613.548.4415
Facebook Page: Chris Whyman Kingston Town Crier

Kingston's Town Crier

by Seniors Association | April 12 2017